A little Kick to Start your week!

As regular readers will know, I love making maps. Pirate maps, fire escape maps, but most of all world maps for books. Many of you will have seen the map I created for my own trilogy, and know it took far longer than any good map should, but it was, at its essence, a labour of love.

This month, I’ve joined forces with an epic creative crew to re-launch Graham Austin-King’s first trilogy, The Riven Wyrde Saga, and I’m on board to create an all new map for the project!

The project is live on Kickstarter and close to 50% funded with only 16 days to go!


Am I excited? Yes! Am I nervous? OMG YES!

But, I digress. I’ll let Graham tell you about the project:

The Riven Wyrde Saga Re-release:

This is a dark epic-fantasy tale of the return of the fae to a world which has completely forgotten them and thinks of them as nothing more than myth and children’s stories. As it turns out they’re every bit as scary as the fables.

The world of Haven draws us into a time not dissimilar to 12th century Europe. Norse-like Bjornmen have begun to shift from raiding the coast of Anlan, to outright invasion and conquest, and the ancient barriers that have kept the fae locked out are beginning to fail. Mankind must come to realise the truth about the fae and find a way to settle their own conflicts before the real threat rises.

This series has something for everyone; from epic battles to forgotten magics, from sea voyages to the political machinations of two worlds. I’m incredibly proud of it.

So why re-release? Why the re-edit? This project is all about improving quality. When I first wrote Fae – The Wild Hunt, back in 2013, I was new to both writing and to self-publishing. I’ve learned an awful lot since then, not just in terms of writing, but also in terms of delivering a quality product. 

Fae – The Wild Hunt has been a #1 bestseller in Epic Fantasy, and Norse Fantasy with Amazon in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The Riven Wyrde Saga ebook omnibus has also held bestseller status. I’m confident that the books will continue to do well and a re-edit can only make them better. 

Check out a sample of the books in their current form here

This project is about much more than just a re-edit. Together with an amazing team I will be re-releasing these books with new covers, a new map, and high quality edits and proof-reading. Not only will all three books in the series be re-released as ebook and paperback, but they will be available for the first time in a hardback edition. Both the paperbacks and hardbacks will be available in a boxed-set edition which is exclusive to project backers.

In terms of rewards, I think we’ve got something for everyone. The reward tiers run from £1 for HD images all the way up to £77 for a boxed set of signed hardbacks complete with ebooks of all my other novels.

One of the major advantages I have over other projects seeking funding on Kickstarter is that all three books are already written. Through the efforts of A.J Spedding, my amazing editor who edited two short-stories that were used in the Netflix anthology Love, Death, and Robots (in the video I put “sex” into the title. I might have to call Netflix and suggest that), these books will be polished to an even higher standard. 

The cover art will be produced by Pen Astridge, who has already produced the cover for Reaver, the Riven Wyrde novella, in addition to my later books, Faithless and The Lore of Prometheus.

The map will be produced by Alicia Wanstall-Burke, author of Blood of Heirs, in a similar style to her own map.

The goal of this kickstarter is not to make a profit, but to fund the re-edit and re-release, and perhaps find some some readers along the way. 

If you choose to back me, I hope you enjoy the books and I promise to keep everyone updated on the progress of the edits.


Graham Austin-King


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