The Rude Truth 

ABC Australia recently published an article about social media, asking if interactions 'in real life' were now ruder as a consequence of online interactions.  It got me thinking... What counts as rude, how do we define it? Generally, it's an action or response that goes against the commonly accepted status quo, or etiquette of a... Continue Reading →

A Girl in Time

My most recent adventures have been into the realms of editing and proofreading for some of my adored author-friends.  So far, I have had the great pleasure of working on: Stalin's Hammer: Paris (John Birmingham) Red Sister (Mark Lawrence) A Girl in Time (John Birmingham) I have links above to teasers for these amazing stories,... Continue Reading →

The Road to Recovery

This week my othopedic surgeon took the bandages off my stupid foot with a sense of finality and cautious optimism. Neither of us thought we would still be treating the thing 11 months after I first fell from a ladder while attempting to hang Christmas decorations. Neither of us thought it would take so long... Continue Reading →

The Right to Rule

Democratic societies aren't new. They've been around for centuries, fading in and out of fashion and favour across the globe. They vary in form and substance, law and regulation, but ultimately aspire to the same goal: to produce a leadership comprised of the people, with a mandate to rule in their best interests. It's a... Continue Reading →

Light at the End of the Spectrum 

2016 is a Census year in Australia. Anyone following the news, even overseas, will have heard of the massive debacle that befell the Bureau of Statistics on August 9th. For the first time, the survey could be completed online, and when the entire population logged on, with the apparent help of some conveniently placed hackers,... Continue Reading →

Punking the Nerf

  In preparation for my 30th birthday, I scoured the interwebs for steampunk accessories that met a couple of basic criteria: a) They matched my outfit b) They didn't require me to mortgage my soul to pay for them I managed to get most of the things I needed, but one cosplay accessory alluded my... Continue Reading →

Sensory Experimentation! 

I decided to make some 'calm down' bottles for my son. He has some wild emotions at times and we wanted to try and give him something calming to focus on when things get a bit much for him. I called on the ever expanding knowledge trove that is YouTube and found a pile of... Continue Reading →

The Cooking of Delicious Things 

Now we begin the time of year when the days shorten and the warmth of the air vanishes with the setting sun. Such times call for certain dishes that are close to impossible to enjoy during the rest of the year.  In our sunny locale, summer is a season for cooking outdoors and eating things... Continue Reading →

Crying Wolf 

Tomorrow marks exactly one year since I underwent surgery on my right hand to correct a bone deformity I'd suffered from since I was a child. It was a terrifying prospect, for more than the obvious risk of complications of anesthetiser and the possibility of never waking up from that deep, senseless sleep.    ... Continue Reading →

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