I am not currently accepting new clients due to personal and publishing commitments

Maps play a huge part in my world building and creating them for other authors is a dream of mine. Years of education in visual art has laid the foundation for work that I find not only highly rewarding, but therapeutic and most of all, fun.

I am now offering cartography services to authors who would like to see their literary worlds represented visually, either for publication within books, or for websites as additional content.

The continent of Coraidin

Rate: $250 AUD (negotiable, based on the size and detail required)

Map types:

  • ‘bird’s eye view’ cities, towns, castles and keeps
  • world or country maps

Style: Styles are negotiable, based on the needs of the author and the mood of the book.

  • Place names and labels are hand-written as standard, but can be typed in font as desired.
  • Colour parchment or grey-scale backgrounds

File types: Maps will be delivered as PDF and/or JPEG images

For more information or to commission a map, please contact me via email:

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