The End of the Saga

I did it.

The manuscript for the final book in The Coraidic Sagas returned from the editor, and I set a launch date.

Empire of Shadows: Book Three of The Coraidic Sagas

Launching January 25th, 2022

The Kindle edition is now available to pre-order! Click below to reserve your copy.

In the aftermath of battle, a truth is laid bare—the world, and the people within it, are not as they appear.

Adrift without an anchor and nursing a broken heart, Lidan steels herself for a task she never thought would fall to her—to hunt down the architect of the horrors that have plagued the South Lands for years.

Ranoth stands on a precipice, his plans in tatters. The path forward leads as easily home as to death. Hungry for answers, he and Lidan set out in pursuit of a common enemy, for dark and fathomless powers are moving beneath the surface of Coraidin.

The unseen realms have awoken and within them, ancient feuds flare to life.

A new and deadly threat looms, and an old bargain will be struck anew. Will Lidan and Ran survive the coming storm to finish what they have begun?

As you can see, we have yet to reveal the cover, but you only have to wait a few more days for that. Trust me–it’s 100% worth it.

Print Copy Lovers — do not despair!

While only the Kindle is available for pre-order at the moment, rest assured that paperback and hardcover copies will be available for sale.

All formats should be launching on January 25th and I hope to have the print copies available for pre-order at some point after the new year.

Signed Copies

As always, signed copies will be available in late January/early February. Contact me directly via email or social media for a price including postage to your door.


The final manuscript and files will be forwarded to my publisher, Tantor Media, as soon as they are ready. Audio production can take several months, however I hope audio fans won’t have too long to wait!

I’m so excited to finally share the ending of this story with you all! It’s been one hell of a journey and I couldn’t have reached this point without the support of my family, friends and readers. Stay tunes for more updates as I get them!


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