The Smuggler’s Daughter

Book One of Salt and Stone

A work in progress…

Aphia Narreth is a trader, a business woman, a smuggler, an accused war criminal and a single mother, left at the helm of her family’s company after her father disappears, presumed dead at the hands of the Imperial Woaden Navy.

Soren Shavar is a spy masquerading in the Imperial court as a minor noble from an obscure province in the southern continent of Pandea. When he uncovers a plot between the empress and a reclusive king to overthrow the nations resisting Imperial rule, he has to enlist Aphia’s help to smuggle him into the dominion of the King Below.

But Aphia has her own problems to deal with, not least of which is an on going war with the self-proclaimed Dock King, Kaspar Valles, over the trifling matter of her murdering his brother.

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