My first dark fantasy trilogy, The Coraidic Sagas, debuted in 2018 with Blood of Heirs. The sequel, Legacy of Ghosts launched in 2019, and the final instalment, Empire of Shadows is now available worldwide.

Splitting my time between outback Queensland, Australia, and Lancashire, England, I am a writer, a mum and a cat-herder. There are rumours I may be a quokka in disguise, but these are not to be believed.

As a child my head was forever full of stories and characters, but I didn’t know quite what to do with any of them. In my teens, I began to collect the words into tales and ever since, I have committed myself to the apprenticeship of an emerging writer.

For many years I worked on my stories in my spare time, until the birth of my son allowed me to focus on writing full time. I work as a freelance editor, I have completed a Bachelor of Education and studied a Post Graduate Certificate in Ancient History.


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