Based in Queensland, Australia, I am working towards the publication of my first novel in a series of epic fantasy sagas. I am a writer, a wife, a mother, a cat herder, a dog food procurer and a mess maker. There is of course, never any consistent order to those roles and titles.

As a child my head was forever full of stories and characters. I didn’t know how to tell those stories and a lot of them left me before I could do anything with them. From the age of 15 I began to collect the words into tales and in the decade and more since, I have committed myself to the apprenticeship of an emerging writer.

My posts here are rarely about the art and torture of writing or publication. These posts are the workings of my mind and the waves of my emotions, my love, rage and musings on many things. These posts help to clear my head and order my thoughts, sometimes they are less than coherent and often they are published late at night when the words have kept me from my sleep.

I hope you enjoy them, I hope they cause you to think and consider, to engage your own ‘brain noodles’ and always question the reasons and methods beneath the surface.


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