Dear Husband, I promise I’m not crazy…

I know it seems as though I am, but I swear, I'm really not. Or perhaps I am. I've always been this way, so I don't know any different. It sounds like I talk to myself, but really I'm talking to the characters in my head. I'm listening to their conversations and trying to understand how... Continue Reading →

All Aboard the Leaky Boat – a repost…

   In July 2013, on my first blog, I wrote about stemming the awful, bloodied tide of asylum seekers to Australia, in some hope our country might find a way to help people desperately in need and willing to take any risk to reach safety. In honour of Aylan Kurdi, a precious three-year-old Syrian refugee... Continue Reading →

Bookmarks for Mark’s Books

Another competition is underway at That Thorn Guy and this time it's all about bookmarks! The themes could be across any of Mark Lawrence's current novels or based on a sneak peek of a yet-to-be-released trilogy.  I do love a challenge and without much writing work on at the moment, my mum asked if I... Continue Reading →

On the Book

I've been completely slack in posting of late, focussing what small sparks of energy I have on finishing my second manuscript, Blood of Heirs.   It took just over 12 months, consists of a little over 116,000 words and 40 something chapters, and was rudely interrupted by abdominal surgery and a joint fusion in my right... Continue Reading →

All the Colours of Love

It's midnight in Australia and on the other side of the planet, something amazing - truly beautiful and inspiring - has happened.     The majority Catholic and otherwise conservative nation of Ireland took equal rights in marriage to a referendum. On a single question, the people of the Republic were asked if they were in... Continue Reading →

Writerly wat-nots…

It has been some time since I've visited and written anything of note. I blame the hand surgery! The recovery seems to be going well and I'm writing more often and regaining my strength. This post is to simply let you know that I've started an account on Wattpad and plan to, in time, publish... Continue Reading →

Prizes! So many PRIZES! 

There are 6 copies of The Liar's Key (Book 2 of The Red Queen's War by Mark Lawrence) available to win over at That Thorn Guy!    I am a guest judge for the Fandom of the Thorns comp, along with Joy Cronje and Agnes Meszaros! Tell us why you love Mark's books and you... Continue Reading →

Short Story – The Nexus Protocol

Good evening my lovelies! 5 weeks post-surgery on the Hand and I've finally gotten around to completing an entry for The Liar's Key short story competition over at That Thorn Guy. Much the same as last year, the comp is to celebrate the upcoming release of Mark Lawrence's fifth book, The Liar's Key, earning the lucky winner... Continue Reading →

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia…

The region we called home for 12 years, and still hold very close to our hearts, is facing a monster cyclone tonight. Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia is due to make landfall at 9am Friday 20th Feb near the homes of many of my loved ones; friends and family alike. She is currently packing "sustained winds... Continue Reading →

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