Emperor of Thorns (Book 3 of The Broken Empire) – review repost from Goodreads



I’ve made several manic recommendations to friends to read the Broken Empire Trilogy and whenever they ask ‘Why?’ or ‘What is it about?’ I find myself hard up against a roadblock.
By roadblock I mean “giant choking lump in my throat every time I think about this series”…

Weird, given it isn’t some navel-gazing, chic-lit, sob story, wah-wah examination of the world focussing on how we could and should be better humans. In fact, it’s gory, unapologetic and painful. Sometimes even sickening. But the Broken Empire is written with such grace that each page yields a quote of goose-bump inducing wisdom or humour or wit it almost seems impossible that one man could have created such characters.

I haven’t been so effected by a series since Rowen Cory Daniells’ ‘The T’en Trilogy’, which I read as a teen. I was inspired then as I am inspired now. In my most humble opinion this series, the culmination of which is Emperor of Thorns, is a ground breaking work in Epic Fantasy.
I like it. I liked it so much I bought all the ebooks, then the hard covers. I liked it so fanatically, I ordered a signed/numbered copy from the UK. I’ve never done such a thing with a novel of any sort, and that alone should assure you it is worth the read.

If my insistence is not sufficient, allow Jorg the time and he will change your mind. He is a character without equal. A boy, then man, so torn and damaged he is perfect. He will take you to places you weren’t sure you could go, and then further again. He doesn’t care what you think or feel along the way. If you desire a hero who is gentle, or polite, or kind, then perhaps you aren’t meant for this narrative.
However if you remain on the ride, give him your heart and soul or even just a moment’s trust, he will show what it is to be human. What it is to bleed and be real and how we can be better, one way or another.


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