SPFBO 5: The End is Nigh!

April is swiftly disappearing (ok, not that swiftly), and with it the final weeks of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off (SPFBO) hosted by Mark Lawrence. A brutal trial by combat for self-published fantasy authors from around the world, ten review blogs whittle down 300 books over five months, leaving ten finalists remaining, bloodied and bruised.... Continue Reading →

A Girl in Time

My most recent adventures have been into the realms of editing and proofreading for some of my adored author-friends.  So far, I have had the great pleasure of working on: Stalin's Hammer: Paris (John Birmingham) Red Sister (Mark Lawrence) A Girl in Time (John Birmingham) I have links above to teasers for these amazing stories,... Continue Reading →

Bookmarks for Mark’s Books

Another competition is underway at That Thorn Guy and this time it's all about bookmarks! The themes could be across any of Mark Lawrence's current novels or based on a sneak peek of a yet-to-be-released trilogy.  I do love a challenge and without much writing work on at the moment, my mum asked if I... Continue Reading →

Prizes! So many PRIZES! 

There are 6 copies of The Liar's Key (Book 2 of The Red Queen's War by Mark Lawrence) available to win over at That Thorn Guy!    I am a guest judge for the Fandom of the Thorns comp, along with Joy Cronje and Agnes Meszaros! Tell us why you love Mark's books and you... Continue Reading →

Short Story – The Nexus Protocol

Good evening my lovelies! 5 weeks post-surgery on the Hand and I've finally gotten around to completing an entry for The Liar's Key short story competition over at That Thorn Guy. Much the same as last year, the comp is to celebrate the upcoming release of Mark Lawrence's fifth book, The Liar's Key, earning the lucky winner... Continue Reading →

Prince of Fools – A Review

I came to meet Prince Jalan a good few weeks after the novel was released worldwide, thanks to an extraordinarily slow postal service from the UK to the antipodes now known as Australia. This was made significantly worse by the need to have the parcel delivered to my home in the middle of the Queensland... Continue Reading →

Girls? Where art thou girls?

I really need to train my brain to come up with blogs during daylight hours. In any case, the kid has been up twice already tonight and the husband has just left for work, so now is as good a time as any to scrawl out my thoughts. As you know I'm an entrant in... Continue Reading →

A Fool’s Lot

Hi Noddlers, Here is the link to my entry into the Prince of Fools Writing Competition! If you would like to see it, click the link then scroll down to entry 28 - A Fool's Lot. The rules are: - 300 words - must include the word 'prince' (singular) and 'fools' (plural). This entry is... Continue Reading →

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