A non-Grey area…

With the impending 'release' of the book to film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey I feel it's time to drag a little irksome bug-bear of mine from under the bed. For close to three years now, I've referred to myself professionally as a 'writer', though I've been writing for almost fourteen years all told.... Continue Reading →

An Australian Day

January 26th 1788: Britain settled Australia for the Empire and considered it "Terra Nullius" - an empty land. However, history tells us it wasn't empty at all. For 50,000 years it had been brimming with life, culture, laws, politics, narratives and art. It was, and still is, a land full of wonder. Celebrated annually as... Continue Reading →

Prince of Fools – A Review

I came to meet Prince Jalan a good few weeks after the novel was released worldwide, thanks to an extraordinarily slow postal service from the UK to the antipodes now known as Australia. This was made significantly worse by the need to have the parcel delivered to my home in the middle of the Queensland... Continue Reading →

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