Ireland is calling…

In a few days I’ll be back on a plane (ok, four planes), travelling to the frigid north to experience the ‘summer’ of my ancestors.

Yep, that’s right, kids! I’m heading back to England and then Ireland for Dublin2019, the 77th World Science Fiction Convention!

I decided not to apply to take part in panels at this con. Instead I’m really looking forward to catching up with mates new and old, and watching them wow the crowds with their wit and wisdom. There’s nothing quite like getting back together with your tribe, and these writer folks are my kind of people.

The con schedule will be released soon and I’ll have a better idea of where I’ll be hanging out and who I’ll be heckling, I mean, supporting from the pews. I’ll post the panels I’m most looking forward to here, and I’ll hopefully some thoughts about what was discussed and discovered.

Until then, behave yourselves!



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