Naughty Chippie Eater

I love chips. I can’t deny it any longer. 

I love salt, I love crunch, I love chips. Hot chips, fries, crisps or tortilla chips – I am a friend to all! 

Unfortunately, they aren’t my friend. They make me a bit porky and are probably contributing to a delightful hardening around my arteries and vital organs. At least when I die from a sodium over-dose, the university students lucky enough to work on my donated corpse will have the gorgeous scent of deep fried potato to fill their nostrils. Further more, my eventual cremation will smell like a fish & chip shop, similar to the odour of bio-fuel. 

To vanquish my latest craving, I gave in to laziness and made my own. PLEASE try this at home! 


Lime and Garlic Mountain Bread Chips


1 x packet Mountain Bread sheets (I used Rye, 69 calories per sheet of bread)

1 or 2 limes, depending on their juice content

Masterfoods Garlic Salt

Spray oil


1. Rip the mountain bread into strips & lay them on a baking tray
2. Squeeze the lime over the strips, making sure each one has a good bit of juice on it
3. Sprinkle with garlic salt – as much or as little as you like
4. Give the chips a light spray with oil and pop in the oven. 
5. Remove the chips when they begin to brown. Make sure the moisture from the juice is evaporated. About 5 mins or less. 
6. Place in a heatproof bowl until cool – store in an airtight container or bag


I had mine with a ripper Mission Black Bean and Chipotle dip, but you could serve them with any kind of dip you like. Also great with nachos for a lower calorie alternative to tortilla chips.

Variations on these include:

Garlic and chilli – used dried or fresh, but give a little longer cooking time for fresh, to allow the moisture to evaporate

Lemon and Oregano (serve with tzatziki)

Cumin, Coriander and Turmeric (serve with hummus)

Tandoori spice (serve with raita)


While these chips will keep for a few days without going stale, they don’t have any preservatives, so won’t have the longevity of conventional store-bought chips. My tip to avoid being caught without is to keep the Mountain Bread in the back of the pantry, sealed & unopened until the day you need the chips. It stays fresh for MONTHS. When guests arrive, you can make these in 10 mins, using the whole packet of bread. I doubt there will be left overs! 

Also Mountain Bread is a much healthier alternative to tortillas or pita breads and make brilliant wraps or pizza bases. Having a packet of this stuff in your cupboard is less likely to tempt you to gorge on a packet of crisps while also maintaining your ‘stock’ for treats. 


May your bellies be full and lives long! 

A xo


** for a pizza base, spray two sheets and lay thinly sliced potato over one sheet. lay the second sheet over the potato and press down. top as normal, then bake in a hot oven on a preheated pizza stone. the potato will keep the base moist while the sheets turn crisp and nom nom nom nom nom nom… 




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