Naughty Chippie Eater

I love chips. I can't deny it any longer. I love salt, I love crunch, I love chips. Hot chips, fries, crisps or tortilla chips - I am a friend to all! Unfortunately, they aren't my friend. They make me a bit porky and are probably contributing to a delightful hardening around my arteries and vital organs.... Continue Reading →


A thousand pardons, I beg of you! I've been awfully ill this week, drowning in snot and coughing like an 80 year old coal miner. As such my normal practice of blogging, writing and eating well has been abandoned in favour of sleeping, drawing, sniffing and laundry. Two days ago my second manuscript assessment came... Continue Reading →

A note to say, I owned it!

I attended a tiny thing this week and checked off a colossal goal on my 'You Only Live Once' checklist... I went to ARCHERY! The significance of this is massive, near immeasurable, and it has propelled me forward at a rate I completely under estimated. On Saturday night I was procrastinating horribly, gawking at the... Continue Reading →

My Year Without McFatty’s

I 'gave' up McDonald's and Hungry Jacks (aka Burger King) about a year ago. Honestly I thought it would kill me. What would I eat when travelling the expansive distances between towns? What would I do for a meal at the airport, or if nothing else was open? A year since I can happily say... Continue Reading →

The Diary of a Control Freak

I've always been fairly organised, especially in the workplace. I had colour coded files, work was stamped according to its status, I had a diary and I used Outlook tasks religiously. I could and often did, write out my tasks to the exact step to ensure the work was done by others in the same... Continue Reading →

Off to see the Wizard!

In 2013 I took on a grand quest to finally shave the extra kilos I'd been accumulating around my middle off into the garbage bin of days gone by. Taking advantage of the calorie burning mega factory my breast feeding body had become, I embarked on my first 12 Week Body Transformation, husband and 6... Continue Reading →

Old blogs, New site!

My previous blog, The Mirador Hypothesis, has some cool old articles I love! I've included the links to them here:     2012 - were the Mayan's right afterall?     News to the People: From Fast Food or a Slow Cooker?     What's in a name? A lot if you live in Blackwater...... Continue Reading →

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