Coming soon to Audio

Regular Dungeon visitors may notice some changes around the place, not least of which is a refresh of my book pages in preparation for the future launch of book three, Empire of Shadows.

Empire is still a fair way off, and I beg your forgiveness as I bring together six years of work in one final epic instalment–this this is going to be a monster door stop of a book. But in the meantime, I have news!

The Coraidic Sagas are coming to Audio!

During the final stages of SPFBO, I was approached by the wonderful team at Tantor Media with an offer for the worldwide English language audiobook rights for the entire trilogy, joining authors such as Naomi Novik, Juliet Marillier, John Birmingham and Richard K. Morgan. I was completely floored and it took me a little while to really wrap my head around what was happening. Eventually I was able to pull myself together long enough to accept.

I’ve already had the pleasure of listening to samples of possible narrators, and over the next 12 months the books will be transformed and launched onto all major audio platforms, including (but not limited to) Audible, iBooks and They will also be available for loan in US libraries with the possibility of expanded distribution to libraries internationally.

We are still in the very early stages, but keep your ears open (see what I did there?) for the launch date announcements. There will be some fun stuff like free giveaways to throw in for!

Until next time, yours in words.



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