Middle Ground

I hear people often asking ‘What’s the big deal with Israel & Palestine?!’
Well, it goes something like this…
We twenty to thirty something’s weren’t taught a whole lot about the aftermath of World War Two and the treaties that followed Germany’s defeat. In a nut shell, Palestine was a British colony and the Allies decided to cut a bit off it and create a Jewish state – a place Jews could live safely without fear of persecution.
Unfortunately, this was done without any consideration for the people, the Palestinian people, who already lived there. Imagine if the Brits lopped off half of our country and forced all the residents to move? Not cool…
Ever since, Israel’s territory has expanded and Palestine’s has shrunk. Why? Palestine isn’t recognised as an independent country by the UN, USA etc.
They are considered ‘nobodies’.
This is the ‘big deal’ in the Middle East. This is why there is an unending war. Because people are fighting to hold onto the last shreds of the land they once knew as their home, where their roots were bound deep in the soil, only to be torn out as if they were weeds. Would you fight?
Bloody oath you would…


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