Girls? Where art thou girls?

I really need to train my brain to come up with blogs during daylight hours. In any case, the kid has been up twice already tonight and the husband has just left for work, so now is as good a time as any to scrawl out my thoughts. As you know I'm an entrant in... Continue Reading →

A Fool’s Lot

Hi Noddlers, Here is the link to my entry into the Prince of Fools Writing Competition! If you would like to see it, click the link then scroll down to entry 28 - A Fool's Lot. The rules are: - 300 words - must include the word 'prince' (singular) and 'fools' (plural). This entry is... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress

Thought I would share a current project with you... This is what I do when I am in a limbo stage with my writing. Drawing is a great way to order my thoughts and pull back from the work so I can get a fresh perspective. It's definitely not finished, but here is a sneak... Continue Reading →

Pondering the Questions

Do you know what I learned today? The pursuit of knowledge, of answers, of truth and explanation, is the purpose of our lives on this earth. We are nothing more than memory. When we walk out of a room, those within stay only in our memory until we see them again. We remain in their... Continue Reading →

Evaluate THIS!

Over on Chuck Wendig's blog Terrible Minds, he has issued a call to all and sundry to answer some simple questions about themselves as authors. It's hard for me to distinguish what makes me good at this thing called writing. In all honesty, I've never considered myself good at it. I do it because the... Continue Reading →

Education, not Indoctrination

The Australian Government has opened a review into school curriculum content to public submissions. I'm a qualified teacher but have never practiced the profession. Apparently I was a High Distinction student but not a High Distinction teacher. During the practical component of my study, I worked in three separate schools with various age groups, mostly... Continue Reading →

Naughty Chippie Eater

I love chips. I can't deny it any longer.¬†I love salt, I love crunch, I love chips. Hot chips, fries, crisps or tortilla chips - I am a friend to all!¬†Unfortunately, they aren't my friend. They make me a bit porky and are probably contributing to a delightful hardening around my arteries and vital organs.... Continue Reading →


A thousand pardons, I beg of you! I've been awfully ill this week, drowning in snot and coughing like an 80 year old coal miner. As such my normal practice of blogging, writing and eating well has been abandoned in favour of sleeping, drawing, sniffing and laundry. Two days ago my second manuscript assessment came... Continue Reading →

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