Growing Wings: Launching Blood of Heirs

In all the excitement and jet-lag of travelling to BristolCon in the UK, I completely forgot to post about the launch of Blood of Heirs! I will post about my adventures at BristolCon soon, but for now, here it is! Four years of work, finally in my hands! Kindle eBook - NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon... Continue Reading →


Girls? Where art thou girls?

I really need to train my brain to come up with blogs during daylight hours. In any case, the kid has been up twice already tonight and the husband has just left for work, so now is as good a time as any to scrawl out my thoughts. As you know I'm an entrant in... Continue Reading →

The Great Fantasy ‘Shag’ Debate

There is currently a fair amount of argy-bargy going on in fantasy circles about the inclusion of sex and rape scenes in narratives. For my own ten cents, I don't really understand the point, or where this discussion is being driven from. If I had to try and break it down, it might look something... Continue Reading →

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