Short Story Repost – “A Fool’s Lot”

Back in March this year, the lovely ladies of Bloody Cake News hosted a short story competition. In celebration of Mark Lawrence's new novel, Prince of Fools (out now), the task was to create a 300 word short including the word 'prince' and 'fools'. I, of course, forgot to ever post the actual story to... Continue Reading →

Girls? Where art thou girls?

I really need to train my brain to come up with blogs during daylight hours. In any case, the kid has been up twice already tonight and the husband has just left for work, so now is as good a time as any to scrawl out my thoughts. As you know I'm an entrant in... Continue Reading →

A Fool’s Lot

Hi Noddlers, Here is the link to my entry into the Prince of Fools Writing Competition! If you would like to see it, click the link then scroll down to entry 28 - A Fool's Lot. The rules are: - 300 words - must include the word 'prince' (singular) and 'fools' (plural). This entry is... Continue Reading →

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