Dear Husband, I promise I’m not crazy…

I know it seems as though I am, but I swear, I'm really not. Or perhaps I am. I've always been this way, so I don't know any different. It sounds like I talk to myself, but really I'm talking to the characters in my head. I'm listening to their conversations and trying to understand how... Continue Reading →

On the Book

I've been completely slack in posting of late, focussing what small sparks of energy I have on finishing my second manuscript, Blood of Heirs.   It took just over 12 months, consists of a little over 116,000 words and 40 something chapters, and was rudely interrupted by abdominal surgery and a joint fusion in my right... Continue Reading →

Evaluate THIS!

Over on Chuck Wendig's blog Terrible Minds, he has issued a call to all and sundry to answer some simple questions about themselves as authors. It's hard for me to distinguish what makes me good at this thing called writing. In all honesty, I've never considered myself good at it. I do it because the... Continue Reading →

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