For Love’s Sake…

    It's been two years since I wrote 'All the Colours Of Love'. I wrote it in a moment of euphoria after the majority Catholic nation of Ireland made marriage equality legal, bubbling with hope that it would not be long until our country, Australia, would follow suit. How could we not? How could... Continue Reading →

Leave or Leave?

A great political debate currently festering in the bowels of Australia's parliament centres on the form and substance of Parental Leave provided by the government. OurĀ previous Labor government instituted a system where any primary carer can claim a number of weeks of payments when their baby is born, at the minimum wage. This payment was... Continue Reading →

The Broke End of the Stick

Anyone who didn't notice my abject frustration and disappointment at theĀ 2014 Federal Budget wasn't paying much attention to my Twitter and Facebook feeds on Tuesday and Wednesday. I don't honestly know what I expected from the Abbott Government. I must have been somewhat taken in by their clear cut promises and no-nonsense manner. Even as... Continue Reading →

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